Engineering of steel structures

Every smart steel structure is based on solid preparation and a flawless design. That is why we treat every structure as an individual project.

Accurate construction drawing

Do you require a new structure? Or are you looking to make adjustments to an existing situation by installing a new mezzanine floor in an older building, for example? Our experts have all the knowledge and experience in-house to calculate the load-bearing capacity and draw up the design in the finest detail. They do that using the very latest drawing programs such as Tekla. The result? An extremely accurate construction drawing which we can follow in our workshop and on site.

BIM-based working

If you wish, we can also provide construction drawings in the form of a 3D model in accordance with the current BIM standard. You can then integrate the design in your whole construction process and all information is always up-to-date and available.


Once it is clear what your steel structure is going to look like, it will also be clear exactly what the construction is going to cost. With transparent calculations and a very low cost price, Buchinhoren ensures that you stay within your construction budget. The best quality, a high level of service and a low cost price: that is what you get from Buchinhoren.

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