Renovation of steel structures

There is a lot more to renovating the steel components of a building than just replacing some balconies and beams. Naturally, that can be included as part of the renovations but Buchinhoren can do a lot more besides such as renovating fencing and staircases, for example.

Renovation and extension

Do you want to add an extension during your building renovation project? Maybe you need retail or storage space, for example? If so, then Buchinhoren is the right partner to help you realise that extension or expansion. That’s because we have many years of experience in the design, manufacture and installation of steel structures for additions and extensions which connect seamlessly to the existing building. Our designers use the most advanced drawing programs and are also at home in BIM.

Quick and efficient renovations

In many cases, renovation is carried out while the building users continue to go about their business in the building or carry on living there as normal. If that is the case, renovation must cause as little disturbance as possible and be completed as quickly as possible. Buchinhoren can do that too. We can make the brands and structures required both quickly and efficiently in our own manufacturing hall and our own installers and constructors can then install them for you. We can even install load-bearing beams in an existing situation.

Project-based renovation

Buchinhoren has almost 100 years of experience in steel construction and treats every order as an individual project. Do you want to outsource the whole construction element of your renovation project, including wall, façade and roof cladding? Together with our reliable partners, we ensure that your renovation project is carried out to plan and within budget from start to finish.

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