Special structures

Special steel structures

Buchinhoren has manufactured many steel structures for large buildings such as production halls, storage centres and distribution centres. However, our many years of experience and project-based approach means that we can manufacture less commonplace, special steel structures just as easily.

Profiles up to HEM 1000

Buchinhoren has a range of advanced machines which are real powerhouses, enabling us to process even the heaviest steel beam profiles (up to HEM 1000) in-house. We can handle girders up to 27 metres and 9750 kilos and we can turn them into brands that can be assembled by our own installers once they are at the construction site.

Steel structures for maritime and offshore applications

Buchinhoren manufactures steel structures not only for buildings but also for the maritime and offshore sectors. These include large-scale structures for drilling platforms but also balustrades and fencing for inland and deep sea shipbuilders, for example.

Steel structures for finishing and extensions

In many cases, the steel structures manufactured by Buchinhoren form the basis – the skeleton – of a hall or distribution centre. However, our plant also manufactures components which make buildings complete such as staircases, intermediate floors, mezzanine floors or balustrades and fencing, for example. We also supply steel structures that enable buildings to be expanded through the construction of an extension or an additional wing, for example. Customisation and accuracy are of paramount importance for these. Our drawing office designs these structures with extreme precision and we manufacture them both quickly and efficiently.

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