Steel structures

Smart steel structures

In many cases, the steel structure is the skeleton of a building. A high-quality steel structure is of great importance, especially if it is for a large building such as a production hall or distribution centre. The design and realisation of such steel structures has been the main activity of Buchinhoren for decades. Do you want someone else to take care of absolutely everything for you? If so, then it’s good to know that we can also take care of the roof and façade cladding for you, together with our regular and reliable partners.

Steel structures: from design to installation

When you choose a steel structure from Buchinhoren, you get a complete service. From the engineering of the structure to assembly and erection at its final destination: you can leave it all in our capable hands. Our workforce of more than 40 employees have the knowledge and expertise required to realise any steel structure.


Based on detailed working and construction drawings provided by our design department, our employees get to work using the profiles supplied which are used for most of our steel structures. We can process profiles up to HEM 1000 in-house and our production facilities can handle girders up to 27 metres and 9750 kilos. The profiles are cut to length and holes are made for the connectors in our CNC sawing and drilling section. The punching and cutting machine manufactures the small parts that are welded to the main profiles. The end result? A top-quality brand!

Preservation and transportation

The steel structure has to be able to withstand the test of time as well as diverse weather conditions. That is why we apply an anti-rust coating to parts in-house and transport them to the construction location ourselves so that we can be sure that they arrive undamaged and just-in-time. Our installers, working in collaboration with your colleagues if necessary, ensure that the structure is assembled on site to form a complete building.

The whole steel construction project

What sets Buchinhoren apart is that we can carry out the whole project for you: no matter how many challenges may arise during preparations. We can help you make decisions and are committed to achieving the perfect result. We always go the extra mile and come up with ingenious solutions. That is what Buchinhoren is about.

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